ASA5550-K8 Cisco Firewall 8 x GE RJ-45, 5000 IPSec VPN Tunnels

Cisco ASA5550-K8 Firewall

  • 8 x GE RJ-45 ports
  • 5000 IPSec VPN peers
  • 300 VLANs
  • 425 Mbps VPN
  • 1 expansion slot
  • rack form factor
  • DES license

ASA5550-K8 Cisco Firewall 8 x GE RJ-45, 5000 IPSec VPN Tunnels

Cisco ASA5550-K8 Firewall with 8 x GE RJ-45 ports, 5000 IPSec VPN peers, 300 VLANs, 425 Mbps VPN, 1 expansion slot, rack form factor, DES license

The Cisco ASA5550-K8 firewall is a device with a next-generation firewall developed on the basis of Stateful Inspection technology, which systematically checks the passing traffic for correctness.

Features of ASA5550-K8

ASA5550-K8 features

  • 1.2 Gbps bandwidth,
  • 1m AC power supply,
  • 2 security contexts,
  • 5000 IPSec VPN tunnels for authentication,
  • integrity checking and encryption of IP packets,
  • two SSL VPN protocols providing symmetric encryption and asymmetric cryptography for authentication of exchange keys,
  • 8 built-in Ethernet Gigabit interfaces and 1 Ethernet Gigabit interface for management

In additionally, it provides 65,000 sessions per second. That is why this firewall model is the best choice for companies that simultaneously require both high performance and strong internal network security that can be updated with the advent of new technologies.

Technologies used in the development of the ASA5550-K8

Unlike other next-generation firewalls, the ASA5550-K8 keeps pace with rapidly changing consumer needs by offering a highly secure network by performing local traffic scans synchronously with enhanced WAN control. These operations are carried out using the following technologies:

  • TrustSec: protects applications and mobile devices from unauthorized access, while accelerating the process of making changes to the operating system for legal users;
  • AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution: Provides web security for mobile devices by providing unrestricted access to traffic for authorized users;
  • Security Intelligence Operations (SIO): detects threats and alerts the system administrator about vulnerabilities in the operating system;
  • ASA Next-Generation Firewall Services: Streamlines security operations and accelerates the deployment of new applications or connects unknown devices without compromising internal network security.



Reliability of protection of this model

ASA5550-K8 is equipped with a full package of services providing the reliability of current traffic and network security from intruders. In addition to using a firewall, this firewall is able to provide protection against network attacks through comprehensive software-based security services such as AVC (regularly monitors traffic, improves the performance of critical applications and helps to reduce network operating costs), WSE ( provides enhanced protection against viruses, worms and computer spyware) and CWS (timely detects and blocks malicious programs, and also informs the system administrator about suspicious activity on the network). This firewall is part of the ASA5500-X series, built on the same proven security platform,

DES Encryption

This type of encryption uses a symmetric key algorithm to ensure the confidentiality of transmitted data packets. In particular, DES restricts access to transmitted data for unauthorized users, and also prevents network attacks.

Contents of delivery

The complete set of this model includes:

  • firewall
  • AC power supply.


Operating conditions

The firewall functions effectively over a fairly wide temperature range, from -5̊C to 40̊C. Thus, you can install it without compromising the performance of the device itself. Moreover, its small dimensions (4.24cm x 42.9cm x 48.4cm) will allow it to be placed on a fairly compact work surface.

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High availability Yes
IPSec VPN 3DES / AES 425 Mbps
VLAN 802.1q standard / max 400
Height RM UNIT 1U
Overall dimensions (HxWxD) cm 4.4×20.04×36.2
Guarantee Cisco Limited Hardware Warranty
Number of simultaneous sessions standard / max 650,000
Number of protected nodes Not limited
SSC / SSM modules Not
New sessions per second, max 36000
RAM size 4 GB
FLASH memory 256 MB
Ethernet access ports 8 x GE RJ-45
FIREWALL performance 1.2 Gbps
IPS performance connected additionally
Series Cisco ASA 5550
Type of food AC 220V
type of instalation Rack / benchtop
IPSec VPN Number 5000
SSL VPN number 2/25