B-SCAN 16HR-LD 100

Transmission X-ray people screening

Feature Highlights

  • Detects contraband and threat objects concealed in or on the body including weapons, explosives, narcotics, etc.
  • High throughput – scan time less than 7 seconds
  • Complete head-to-toe inspection even if shoes are worn
  • Very low dose rates


The B-SCAN series helps to reduce the smuggling of drugs, weapons, mobile phones and other contraband.

It is available in four models, to support both general and limited-use applications, in accordance with ANSI N43.17 2009 guidelines.

General-use refers to screening systems that use extremely low X-ray dose rates to screen a person. The dose rate is so low that there is, in effect, no need to monitor the number of screenings an individual can have in a year.

16HR-LD 100 – Our lowest-dose system is for applications such as regular inmate screening for contraband. Operating at 0.1µSv per inspection, allowing for 2,500 scans/year.
16HR-LD 250 – Operates at a dose rate of 0.25µSv per inspection (1,000 scans/year).
Limited use refers to screening systems that use a higher dose rate per scan to provide superior images. The use of these systems must be controlled and the annual scan count for a given person is limited. Scan and Image Management (SIM) software is used to fully log and control the use of the system so that any individual receives only the appropriate number of scans.

16HR-DV –This dual-view system delivers high-resolution full-body and torso images and is best suited to applications such as customs drug detection. Operates at <4.5µSv per inspection (according to the ANSI guidelines, this would allow ~55 scans/year).
16HR-FB – Provides a full-body X-ray image, with excellent image quality. Operates at 2.0µSv per inspection (according to the ANSI guidelines, this would allow ~125 scans/year). This model is ideally suited for screening higher-security inmates.
Because B-SCAN uses fixed sensor components, it is a reliable and easy-to-maintain system, with low costs of ownership over its lifetime.

There are currently several hundred B-SCAN systems in use around the world in a variety of applications, such as prisons, airports and customs checkpoints. Other applications include mines and refineries, helping to reduce incidents of diamond, gem and precious-metal thefts by employees.

All models have been independently verified to meet the ANSI guidelines.

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Detectable Substances Metals, ceramics, plastics, powders, explosives and drugs
Detectability Objects hidden on the surface and in the cavities of the human body
Scan Type Full body scan in one go
Purpose Scan people to detect prohibited items and threats
Technology Low dose penetrating X-ray

General characteristics

Design Open tunnel oriented along the flow of people
Cold start warm-up time & lt; 2 minutes
Ribbon scan speed Approximately 0.16 m / s
Scan Method Moving a person through a stationary beam of radiation
Alarm time & lt; 7 seconds
Resolution (along the wire) Standard: 29 AWG (0.29 mm) • Typical: 30 AWG (0.26 mm)
Maximum conveyor load over 220 kg


Dimensions 2585 (L) x2525 (H) x1955 (W) mm
Weight 880 kg
Relative humidity at + 20⁰C from 10 to 90% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature range -20 ° C to + 60 ° C
Operating temperature range 0 ° C to + 40 ° C
Power consumption & lt; 0.9 kVA
Mechanical construction Metal body (aluminum, steel]
Noise level & lt; 70d B [A]
Power supply (standard) 230 VAC current (voltage fluctuation range + 10% / – 15%), 50/60 Hz (frequency fluctuation range ± 3 Hz)

Detection system

Generator cooling Sealed oil bath
X-ray generator 160 kV sr
Detector module High Definition Detection Bars
Effective human exposure dose & lt; 0.1 μSv (measured at the center of the tunnel)
Operating mode Continuous

Scan results

Results presentation Full-length image of a person
Greyscale levels to keep 65536
Image colors 160 kV DC potential, sealed oil bath
Converter Black & White
Image Analysis Functions Scaling, various image enhancement and selection functions
Monitor Dedicated TFT color monitor

Scan and Image Management System (SIM). Possible configurations

Free-standing scanner
Networked scanner with central data storage
Scanner connected to customer database

Options / Features

Operator table
Additional shielding shield
Saving and viewing images
Remote Image Analysis
Program for instant independent analysis of images outside the object
Various image enhancement and selection functions – contrast and filters