CP-7861-3PCC-K9 Cisco IP Phone, 16 SIP Lines, 2 x FE PoE, LCD 396×162 BW, RJ-9 Headset

Cisco IP Phone CP-7861-3PCC-K9

IP phone Cisco IP Phone CP-7861-3PCC-K9 for 16 SIP lines with a built-in switch 2 x FE RJ-45. 16 programmable shortcut buttons. 3PCC (Third-Party Call Control) are designed to work in any IP-networks controlled by IP PBX of most famous brands

CP-7861-3PCC-K9 Cisco IP Phone, 16 SIP Lines, LCD 396×162 BW, RJ-9 Headset

In the era of rapidly developing technologies, businesses of absolutely any format need an effective means of communication. The innovative Cisco IP Phone CP-7861 is a device that will increase efficiency and productivity while reducing operating costs. The model is very easy to use, reliable and versatile. In addition to its immediate advantages in use, this IP phone has a very reasonable price, which is significantly less than its quality and capabilities. The device is intended for small or medium-sized businesses. Will be an indispensable element in the work of administrative staff, managers or contact center agents.

Pressing just one button will provide access to all key team members. There are 6 shortcut buttons on the phone panel, preprogrammed by the user, and when you press one of them. It immediately connects you with the programmed subscriber. In addition, next to these buttons there is a paper sticker on which you can write down which subscriber is under this key.

For contact centers, the call queue support function will be convenient.
The IP phone is equipped with a 3.5 inch high resolution 396×162 pixel white backlit display. Shades of gray adequately reflect the entire interface and the list of phone features.
The model is equipped with very convenient fixed keys for general functions such as conferences, messaging, directory, and two-way navigation buttons.

Excellent sound (G.722) in both the handset, headset and speakerphone is another significant advantage. You will perfectly hear everything that the interlocutor is telling you, thanks to the excellent clarity of the CP-7861 sound , without interference.

Easy setup and simplicity in management of IP phone CP-7861 , simplifies the work with this device, will not cause you unnecessary problems.


2 x FE PoE

Power over Ethernet with PoE and Cisco EnergyWise technology helps reduce energy costs. In addition, power supply via PoE is very convenient. Because no need to worry about where to install the power supply. About placing the phone close to a power outlet, or simply not even having to buy any additional devices to power the Cisco CP-7861 . But if it power the phone through a power supply unit which is still more convenient for you. Then Cisco recommends the CP-PWR-CUBE-3 power supply unit .

Has a built-in IEEE 10/100 switch to support traffic from co-located PCs, which reduces infrastructure costs.

This IP phone is perfect for any room design. Thanks to the removable panel and a wide choice of panel appearance, you can choose exactly the option that will be appropriate for your room. In addition, there is the option of wall mounting. This is convenient for installation in public places such as cafes or auditoriums. And the compactness and accuracy in performance makes it practically invisible, the device will not interfere or create inconvenience.

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SOFT keys 6 keys
Power supply included Not
Speaker Yes
Display Monochrome LCD 396×162
Number of lines 16 lines
Headset port Yes
VoIP protocols SIP
VoIP Security Protocols SRTP
Tilt adjustment 2 positions of adjustment
Series Cisco IP Phone 7800
type of food AC 110-240V / DC 12B
Color black