HCVG viZual

HCVG – Gantry inspection system

Feature Highlights

  • Inspect loaded trucks, containers and vehicles at ports, airports and border crossings
  • High throughput of up to 23 trucks per hour
  • Steel penetration up to 400mm (15.7in) @ 6MeV
  • Adapted footprint and security perimeter
  • Provides a high performance imaging capability with organic/inorganic material discrimination and colourization in a single scan


The HCVG X-ray system uses a single scan to screen whole trucks (cabin included), containers and vehicles for threats such as explosives, narcotics, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), contraband, as well as manifest verification, reducing the need for manual inspection.

The system’s high-performance imaging capability provides the operator with detailed radioscopic images of container or vehicle and its contents, with organic and inorganic material discrimination and colourisation based on atomic number, allowing for rapid and reliable results in a single scan.

The HCVG viZual series systems use an accelerator delivering an interlaced energy from 4/6MeV, allowing for steel penetration ranging from 320mm (12.6in) to 400mm (15.7in) while providing a high throughput of up to 23 trucks per hour.

When equipped with the optional iCmore radioactivity capability, the HCVG simultaneously carries out both the X-ray inspection and analysis to detect the presence of radioactive gamma and/or neutron materials within the container or vehicle.

Thanks to the DaiSy graphic-user interface, operators can easily operate their tasks, such as the X-ray image analysis. An option is the use of a remote pool of operators to analyse the X-ray images, permitting the optimization of the team size.

The modular design of the HCVG provides the ability for the system to be relocated, adapting to the customer’s specific needs. The HCVG is designed for ease of operation, requiring a minimal footprint and external infrastructure while still integrating the most demanding international security-screening requirements.

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General characteristics

Emission Energy 4MeV and 6MeV
Scan principle The movable frame, on which the radiation and detection systems are mounted, moves relative to the stationary vehicle


Performance specifications

Electric motor

Frequency controller driven motor


27 tons

Crawl speed

24 m/min

IDK overall dimensions

31 x 11 x 6.5m (LxWxH)

Object scan height range

0.4m to 4.7m, no dead zones up to 2.5m vehicle width

Portal clearance height

4.8 m

Editing and commissioning time

Six weeks (configurable)

Bandwidth Up to 23 trucks per hour
Minimum number of statements

1 image analyst/DCO operator and 1 vehicle coordinator

Operating temperature range

From -20°С to +40°С

Relative humidity

at +20°C, 100%

Power Consumption

60 kW

Maximum overall dimensions of an object 19 (L) x 3.5 (W) x 4.7 (H) m / optional, length up to 45 m
viZual Material recognition using dual energy modulation.
High precision separation and color representation of organic, inorganic
materials and materials of the transition group


Computer system

RIW Image Analysis Workstations

2 flat 24″ displays

Image Analysis Functions

Contrast and sharpness enhancement, filters, note-taking and annotation, histogram correction, comparison of x-ray images and accompanying documents, image reporting and export, object measurements

Database Workstation (DBW)

SQL server

Database Storage

RAID 5 – up to 100,000 images

Data Archiving

DVD Burner

Command and Control Workstation (CMW)

One ​​24” flat LCD


Color laser printer

Integration into information systems

Global cargo and vehicle control systems (customs and border services, police, transport security, etc.)


Radiation Safety

Environment control Infrared Barriers
Indication Three light towers, sirens, information displays
Annual exposure dose to operators and others Complies with the sanitary regulations of the Russian Federation and all other applicable Russian and foreign laws and regulations regarding devices with x-rays
Maximum cumulative radiation dose
10 cm from the outer surface of the fence
security zones
Less than 0.5 µSv per hour and less than 1 mSv/year
Dose rate at the workplace
Less than 0.5 µSv/h and less than 1 mSv/yr




Automatic Gamma Detector


Automatic Gamma and Neutron Radiation Detector

Settings for Operators

A/C, natural light

Scanning two trucks

Scan two trucks at once

RIW Workstation

Extra workstation with 24″ LCD display

CIW workstation

Maintaining a database of shipping documents and vehicle information

RCW Revalidation Workstation

Additional workstation for targeted scanning of images of suspicious objects

COW Workstation

Data archiving upon completion of the control procedure



6032 6035 6040

Steel Penetration

320mm 350mm 400mm

Safe Area Fencing (W x D))

40 x 39mm n/a n/a

Safe zone (W x L))

(walls available)

11 x 39m with one wall 11.5 x 57 m n/a

Safe Zone (W x D)

(walls and doors can be installed)

n/a 11.5 x 33m 12 x 34 m

Safe Volume (W x D x H)

45 x 46 x 23 m 63 x 54 x 33 m 88 x 127 x 60m
Dose absorbed by an object in one
scan at scan speed
24 m/min
Less than 10 µSv Less than 60 µSv Less than 400 µSv
Radiation Protection Reinforced concrete building with security gate