HCVM – Mobile high-energy inspection system

Feature Highlights

  • Throughput of up to 25 trucks an hour in mobile scanning mode and up to 100 trucks an hour in pass-through mode
  • Steel penetration up to 320mm (12.6in)
  • viZual technology for organic/inorganic material discrimination at 6MeV
  • Up to six scanning modes
  • Adjustable scanning heights and angles


The HCVM X-ray screening system is designed for ease of operation and can be driven from location to location and be ready for use in less than 30 minutes.

The HCVM requires a minimal footprint and external infrastructure while still meeting the most demanding international security-screening requirements.

This system uses a range of accelerators from 4MeV to 6MeV and a variety of scanning modes. The combination of these capabilities with high mobility makes this product ideal for applications that require the quick and easy relocation of the screening checkpoint.

When equipped with the optional iCmore™ radioactive-material detection system, the HCVM can carry out simultaneous X-ray inspections and an analysis to detect radioactive gamma and or neutron materials.

The HCVM L version is an all-in-one mobile-screening lorry. The HCVM T version of the range can be towed by a standard truck.

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General characteristics

Emission energy range

4MeV to 6MeV

Scan principle Depending on customer requirements and legislation, there are 2 scanning principles:
1) DCO moves back and forth while vehicles are stationary;
2) vehicles move continuously under their own power through the portal of a fixed IDK


Performance specifications



Max weight

28 tons

Overall dimensions (without tractor) when driving on the road

13.6(L) x 2.5(W) x 4(H) m

Crawl speed When reciprocating HCVM T – 24 or 12 m/min (36 m/min optional)
When scanning as a fixed portal, the speed of vehicles is up to 7 km/h
IDK overall dimensions when scanning

12.4 (L) x8.6 (W) x 5.6 (H) m

Object scan height range

0.2 m to 4.75 m

Portal clearance height

4.8 m

Unroll time

Up to 30 minutes (average 15 minutes)

Bandwidth Up to 25 vehicles per hour in reciprocating scan and up to 150 vehicles in portal mode
Minimum number of statements

1 image analyst/DCO operator and 1 vehicle coordinator

Operating temperature range -20°C to +43°C (option: -25°C to +50°C)
Storage temperature range -30°C to +55°C
Relative humidity At +20°C – up to 95% (non-condensing)
Power Consumption Average 24 kVA
Maximum overall dimensions of an object 28m (L) x 3.5m (W) x 4.75m (H)
Facilities for
Air conditioner, refrigerator, radio, lighting, shelves, up to 4 operator stations


Computer system

Image Analysis Workstations (RIW)

2 flat 22″ LCDs

Image analysis functions

Contrast and sharpness enhancement, filters, note-taking and annotation, histogram correction, comparison of x-ray images and accompanying documents, reporting and image export, object measurements
Database Workstation (DBW)

SQL Server

Database storage capacity

28000 images (standard)

Data Archiving

DVD Burner

Command and Control Workstation (CMW)

Terminal with 22″ LCD monitor


Color laser printer


Radiation Safety

Environment control CCTV cameras (one of them is PTZ), radio communication, infrared barriers
Indication Light towers, siren
Annual exposure dose to operators and others Complies with the sanitary regulations of the Russian Federation and all other applicable Russian and foreign laws and regulations regarding devices with X-rays
Maximum cumulative radiation dose at 10 cm from the outer surface of the safety zone fence Less than 0.5 µSv per hour and less than 1 mSv/year
Radiation dose rate at the operator’s workplace Less than 0.5 µSv/h and less than 1 mSv/yr




Automatic Gamma Radiation Detector


Automatic detector of gamma and neutron radiation

CIW Workstation

Maintaining a database of shipping documents and information about vehicles

R2S workstation

Remote Maintenance Support

RIW Workstation

Optional 22″ LCD Image Analysis Workstation

Towing Attachment




4031 6032 viZual

Radiation energy, MeV

4.5 6/4

Steel penetration, mm

310 320

Contrast sensitivity, %

0.6 1.12

Steel wire detection, mm

0.5 1.5

Safety zone dimensions for 20 scans per hour of vehicles 20 m long at 0.5 µSv/h at the zone boundary, m

46 x 45 40 x 41
Safety zone dimensions for 20 scans per hour of vehicles 20m long at 20µSv/h at the zone boundary, m 46 x 45 38 x 36

Dose absorbed by an object in one scan, μSv

Less than 7 Less than 6

Material group recognition

none yes