Sabre 5000

SABRE 5000 – Hand-held trace detector

Feature Highlights

  • Smallest and lightest tri-mode detector available
  • Detects trace amounts of explosives, chemical agents and narcotics
  • Faster clear-down with truncated alarm
  • Continuous automatic vapour sampling in both positive and negative modes for CWA/TIC detection
  • 4-hour battery

SABRE 5000

The SABRE 5000 is the smallest, lightest tri-mode handheld system available for detecting trace amounts of explosives; chemical-warfare agents; and toxic industrial chemicals and narcotics. With the ability to detect a wide range of threats, it is a cost-effective instrument for security professionals and military agencies that require portability and flexibility to perform their duties.

The SABRE 5000 is programmed to detect and identify over 40 threat substances in approximately 20 seconds. Threats such as common peroxide-based, volatile and unstable chemicals often used to construct improvised explosive devices (IED) and ammonium nitrate, commonly used in homemade explosives.

Additional features include automatic self-calibration, onboard diagnostics for simple troubleshooting assistance, a truncated alarm feature for faster clear-down, and an onboard library that can be programmed to add new substances as new threats emerge, dependent on needs.



Technology Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Radiation Source Ni63 activity 15mCi
Sampling Air intake for detecting vapors of substances / wiping the controlled surface with a special cloth for subsequent detection of trace amounts of substances on it
Operating modes Explosives Detection / Narcotics Detection / CWA Detection
Detectable Explosives RDX, Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate, TNT, Semtex, Acetone Triperoxide, Nitroglycerin, Ammonium Nitrate, Hydrogen Peroxide, etc.
Detectable drugs Cocaine, heroin, tetrahydrocannabinol (marijuana, hashish), methamphetamine, etc.
Detectable BOVs Nerve and blister agents: tabun, sarin, soman, cyclosarin, agents VX and Vx
Discoverable AHOV Hydrogen cyanide, phosgene, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, etc.
Limit of detection Trace sampling mode – nanograms;

Vapor extraction mode – single molecules per million

Number of false positives less than 1%
Power Source 12VDC, 230VAC current (voltage fluctuation range +10%/-15%), 50/60 Hz (frequency fluctuation range ± 3 Hz)
Indication Audible alert, showing the type of detected substance on the built-in display
Display 8.89 cm color LCD
Warm-up time Less than 15 minutes at cold start
Analysis time Detection – 10 seconds, full analysis – 20 seconds
Battery life 4 hours
Weight 3.2 kg with battery for 4 hours of continuous use
Overall dimensions 363 x 110 x 130mm
Operating temperature range 0°С to +40°С
Relative humidity at +20⁰С from 0% to 95% (non-condensing)
Option Protective bag with shoulder strap