ASA5555-FPWR-K8 Cisco ASA 5555-X FirePOWER firewall, 8 x GE RJ-45, 5000 IPSec VPN, 120Gb SSD

Cisco ASA 5555-X FirePOWER ASA5555-FPWR-K8

  • 8 GE RJ-45 ports
  • 5000 IPSec VPN tunnels
  • 1.75 Gbps AVC
  • 1,000,000 sessions
  • DES / AES VPN 700 Mbps
  • 500 VLAN
  • 120 Gb
  • MLC
  • SED
  • SSD

ASA5555-FPWR-K8 Cisco ASA 5555-X FirePOWER firewall, 8 x GE RJ-45, 5000 IPSec VPN, 120Gb SSD

Cisco ASA 5555-X FirePOWER ASA5555-FPWR-K8, 8 GE RJ-45 ports, 5000 IPSec VPN tunnels. 1.75 Gbps AVC, 1,000,000 sessions, DES / AES VPN 700 Mbps, 500 VLAN, 120 Gb MLC SED SSD

The ASA5555-FPWR-K8 is the next-generation Cisco ASA 5555-X FirePOWER firewall that meets all industry requirements. Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is an adaptive, attack-focused, next-generation firewall designed to protect networks from today’s threats and malware.

The Cisco® ASA 5555-X FirePOWER provides integrated protection against external and internal attackers before, during, and after an incident. The combination of industry-leading Sourcefire® security and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) in a single device gives us unparalleled protection.

ASA5555-FPWR-K8 Cisco ASA 5500-X Series Next-Generation Firewalls perfectly copes with protecting networks of small and medium-sized businesses, corporate networks, data centers, easily scalable using the “context” function.

Multilevel protection

The Cisco ASA 5500-X FirePOWER combines traditional security methods with advanced Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) security features. This provides comprehensive protection against known threats, including protection against targeted attacks:

  • Remote access and site-to-site VPN technologies, clustering capability provide high-performance, secure, high-availability access for business continuity.
  • Application Visibility Control (AVC) network analysis technology supports over 4,000 application-level risk-based control algorithms that can be triggered based on IPS protections and security policy rules to optimize security performance.
  • Next-generation IPS (NGIPS) provides a highly effective threat prevention tool for the network infrastructure by detecting multi-vector attacks and providing an automated defense function.
  • Content filtering URL filtering based on categories and reputation allows you to control user Web traffic and enforce security policies based on more than 80 categories for hundreds of millions of URLs.
  • APM security delivers industry-leading security vulnerability detection, a dedicated environment for safe execution of computer programs, and superior tools to help detect, understand, and stop malware and prevent new threats missed at other security layers.

Network monitoring

Cisco ASA FirePOWER Services is centrally managed through the Cisco Firepower Management Center (Cisco FireSIGHT Management Center). The system allows for proactive monitoring of users, devices, connections between virtual machines, application attacks, websites, files. The system provides detailed information and provides visibility of malicious impact, which reduces the cost of administering the NGFW security system. Cisco Firepower Management Center also provides analysis of the trajectory of the dangerous file. This makes it possible to determine the cause of the infection, which reduces the time to recover the system.
The system also provides centralized workflow management — object management, policy management, reporting, and Cisco ASA feature troubleshooting.

For local device management, the Cisco Adaptive Security Device (ASDM) provides an interface for the administrator to manage the ASA, as well as tools for quickly analyzing network activity.

Features of the Cisco ASA5555-FPWR-K8

Main characteristics

  • Application Control (AVC) 1750 Mbps;
  • FirePower services;
  • Application Control (AVC) and IPS 1250 Mbps;
  • Application Control (AVC) or IPS [440 byte HTTP] 725 Mbps;
  • The number of supported applications is over 3000;
  • Additional slot for an interface card;
  • 120Gb MLC SED;
  • 80 URL categories
  • Over 280 million URLs in categories;

Cisco® ASA 5555-X FirePOWER provides 3 Gbps Stateful inspection throughput, DES / AES VPN encryption up to 500 Mbps, 5000 IPSec VPN tunnels that authenticate, check integrity, and encrypt IP packets, two protocols SSL VPNs that implement symmetric encryption and asymmetric cryptography to authenticate exchange keys. The ASA5555-FPWR-K8 comes with a single AC power supply, 8 Gigabit-Ethernet interfaces and 1 Gigabit management interface. The gateway provides 50,000 connections per second and 1,000,000 concurrent firewall connections.

Technologies used in the development of the ASA5555-FPWR-K8

Enhanced network protection with synchronous scanning of local traffic and enhanced control of the global network is carried out using the following technologies:

  • TrustSec: protects applications and mobile devices from unauthorized access, while accelerating the process of making changes to the operating system for legal users;
  • AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution: Provides web security for mobile devices by providing unrestricted access to traffic for authorized users;
  • Security Intelligence Operations (SIO): detects threats and alerts the system administrator about vulnerabilities in the operating system;
  • ASA Next-Generation Firewall Services: streamlines security operations and accelerates the deployment of new applications or connects unknown devices without compromising internal network security.

Security Reliability ASA5555-FPWR-K8

ASA5555-FPWR-K8has a full package of services providing the reliability of the current traffic and the protection of the network from intruders. In addition to using a firewall, the ASA5555-FPWR-K8 is able to provide protection against network attacks through comprehensive software-based security services such as AVC (systematically monitors traffic, improves the performance of critical applications and helps reduce network operating costs). WSE (provides enhanced protection against viruses, worms and computer spyware) and CWS (timely detects and blocks malware, and informs the system administrator about suspicious network activity). The ASA5555-FPWR-K8 is part of the Cisco ASA5500-X series built on the same proven security platform,

DES Encryption

This type of encryption uses a symmetric key algorithm to ensure the confidentiality of transmitted data packets. In particular, DES restricts access to transmitted data for unauthorized users, and also prevents network attacks.

Cisco ASA5555-FPWR-K8 Package Contents

  • Firewall;
  • Mounting brackets;
  • Power cord
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IPSec VPN 3DES / AES 700 Mbps
VLAN 802.1q standard / max 500
Virtual FIREWALL standard / max 2/100
Height RM UNIT 1U
Overall dimensions (HxWxD) cm 4.24×42.9×48.4
Number of simultaneous sessions standard / max 1,000,000
Number of protected nodes Not limited
New sessions per second, max 50,000
RAM size 16 GB
FLASH memory 8 GB
Ethernet access ports 8 x GE RJ-45
FIREWALL performance 4 Gbps
IPS performance 1.25 Gbps
Series Cisco ASA 5500-X
Type of food AC 100-240V
type of instalation Rack
IPSec VPN Number 5000