GasID – Portable FT-IR gas and vapour chemical identifier

Feature Highlights

  • Identifies unknown gases and vapours in minutes
  • No user calibration required
  • Large library of gases and vapour spectra
  • Easy-to-use streamlined software interface
  • Separate modules for collecting gases via Tedlar sample bags or Tenax pre-concentration tubes


Each chemical has a unique infrared fingerprint.

When a response team is called upon to deal with a potentially toxic gas, the first and most crucial question is: “What are we dealing with?” The GasID answers this question in minutes.

The GasID measures how gases and vapours interact with infrared light and can quickly tell a response team if they are facing a toxic gas or chemical – or not.

Its analysis takes 10 minutes and compares the results against database libraries that include nerve and blister agents, the NIST/EPA Gas-Phase Infrared Database and the Pacific Northwest National Lab Toxic Industrial Chemicals.

General characteristics


11.34 kg


444 x 305 x 190 mm


Pump assembly with sampling bag made of Tedlar material (optional) or with a flask containing concentrated sorbent
Adaptation to the environment

Infrared prism made of ZnSe compound is resistant to changing climatic conditions

Operating conditions Operating temperature range: -7°C to +50°C.

Relative humidity at +20°C up to 80% (non-condensing)

Interface USB port, Ethernet. Operating system – Windows®.
Touch screen – control by touching the stylus or fingers.
When analyzing, the user navigates sequentially from one dialog box to another using the touch screen

Embedded touch screen system. Control by tapping with your fingers or stylus

Power Source 230 VAC current 50/60 Hz, or a battery with a continuous operation time of 2 hours. The time of continuous operation of a separate pump battery is 10 hours.
External Storage US drives. Full USB support. Flash devices. Floppy disks
I/O Devices

Mouse, keyboard, Ethernet connection