IR809G-LTE-GA-K9 Cisco 4G LTE Router, WAN 1 x GE, LAN 2 x GE, 20 IPSec VPN

IR809G-LTE-GA-K9 Cisco 4G LTE Router

  • 3G / 4G (UMTS / LTE) router Cisco IR809G-LTE-GA-K9.
  • Dual SIM, 4G / LTE 2.0 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz, UMTS / HSPA + 850/900/1900/2100 MHz on MC7304.
  • WAN ports 1 x GE, LAN 2 x GE, up to 20 IPSec VPN.
  • Street performance

IR809G-LTE-GA-K9 Cisco 4G LTE Router, WAN 1 x GE, LAN 2 x GE, 20 IPSec VPN


3G / 4G (UMTS / LTE) router Cisco IR809G-LTE-GA-K9. Dual SIM, 4G / LTE 2.0 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz, UMTS / HSPA + 850/900/1900/2100 MHz on MC7304. WAN ports 1 x GE, LAN 2 x GE, up to 20 IPSec VPN. Street performance

The Cisco IR809G-LTE-GA-K9 4G Router with integrated mobile user support enables seamless roaming between multiple wireless networks that cover large geographic areas. The Cisco IR809G-LTE-GA-K9 , based on the MC7304, is intended for clients operating in LTE 800 MHz, (band 20), 900 MHz (band 8), 1800 MHz (band 3), 2100 MHz (band 1), or 2600 MHz (band 7). This device also supports 4G LTE WAN and Cisco WLAN dual radio on the same platform.

Features and Benefits

Compactness and durability

This device is designed to create networks in rather complex environments, such as public transport and many other moving objects. The network can now be deployed in areas with limited space, heat generation and low power consumption.

Raw Socket Transport and SCADA

Raw Socket Transport can be used to control data transfer and acquisition (SCADA) from remote terminals (RTU). This method is an alternative to the BSTUN protocol. IR809G-LTE-GA-K9 converts DNP3 serial protocol to IP broadcast and IEC 60870 T101 protocol to IEC 60870 T104 protocol to perform the following operations:

  • receiving data from remote terminals (serial T101 or DNP3) and transmitting configuration commands from (T104 or DNP3 IP) RTUs to Control Centers;
  • receiving configuration commands from Control Centers and transmitting data to RTUs in Control Centers;
  • Closing incoming T104 DNP3 IP requests from the Control Center when the RTU is offline.

Cisco IOx Support

Cisco IOx provides an open, extensible environment for hosting OS and applications at the edge of the network; The expansion module slot can be used to connect additional communication technologies in the future.

Cisco IOT Field Network Director

It is a software platform that manages the multiservice network and security infrastructure for IoT applications.

Improved performance for running parallel services

The increased performance enables customers to take advantage of the speed of broadband networks while providing secure concurrent transmission of data, voice, video and wireless services.

Enhanced security

Integrated firewall combined with IPsec ensures network security along the entire perimeter; 3DES and AES encryption guarantee the confidentiality of data when transmitted over the Internet. In addition, the Cisco IR809G-LTE-GA-K9 provides:

  • intrusion prevention system services, including compliance with security policies in large enterprises or the service provider’s service network;
  • content filtering based on URL classification and blocking;
  • Cisco Web Security services and filtering that do not require any additional hardware or software.

Four Gigabit Ethernet PoE / PoE + interfaces

The interfaces provide connections for multiple devices in a small office or other remote location. Network administrators can segment network resources for greater security


Two serial interfaces

Two serial interfaces (RS232 and RS232 / RS485) provide serial connections to a local RTU for SCADA forwarding and RTU control.

Different types of WAN connection

IR809G-LTE-GA-K9 supports several types of WAN connections: Gigabit Ethernet ports, serial port and 4G LTE.

Dual Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)

Dual SIM function provides reliability and multi-addressing for LTE and HSPA networks.

Cisco IOS Mobile

Cisco IOS Mobile offers transparent roaming for mobile networks. It also provides easy Internet connectivity regardless of location or travel. This allows you to stay connected even when roaming internally (including, users can be on their home network, regardless of their location).

Multiple wireless WAN technologies

Users can use the best wireless technologies like 4G LTE, 3.7G, 3.5G or 3G.

Advanced security features

Authorization and authentication functions help determine which physical devices and devices have access to the network. A firewall provides perimeter security for public network deployments. 3DES and AES encryption ensures highly secure VPNs when transmitting and receiving data over public networks. In addition, the intrusion detection system monitors potentially malicious activity on the network.


The QoS package provides traffic prioritization with latency-sensitive applications. In addition, QoS facilitates streaming video playback.

IP Multicast

IP Multicast provides efficient forwarding of data or video for increased situational awareness, multi-user communications, or video surveillance.

Management and manageability

Network administrators can remotely manage and monitor networks via SNMP, Telnet, HTTP, or locally via the console port. In addition, the IR809G-LTE-GA-K9 has the following features:

  • MIB, 3G and 4G LTE support provides capabilities for centralized management of remote devices and gives network administrators visibility and control over a remotely located network;
  • network administrators can restore factory settings with the original software image through the Cisco IOS software functionality or the reset button;
  • Network administrators can remotely update 3G, 3.5G, 3.7G and 4G LTE firmware. In addition, tight integration with Cisco IOS Software allows the router to monitor the LTE WAN connection status and automatically recover from failures.
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LAN ports Ethernet 2 x GE
Ethernet WAN ports 1 x GE, 1 x 4G
RAM size 2 GB
FLASH memory 4 GB
FLASH memory maximum 8 GB
Memory RAM maximum 2 GB
Console ports Mini-USB
Power consumption nominal / maximum 20 Watt
Series Cisco 800 Series
Type of food AC 100-240V
IPSec VPN Number twenty